My name is Martin Brandt and I’m a physical geographer with focus on remote sensing and environmental change. My regional focus is in the Sahel of Western Africa, especially Mali and Senegal, where I’ve spent a lot of time doing field work. I’m working with every kind of data, from high resolution RapidEye to coarse scale time series. All processing is done using free and open software, escecially GRASS GIS, QGIS, and R in a Linux environment. I worked in the micle project which aimed to find linkages between climate, evironment and migration in the West African Sahel. Now i’m a post doc working with Rasmus Fensholt in Copenhagen, funded by a Marie Curie individual fellowship. With this blog, I want to share results, but also simple methods on data handling. Beside producing interesting maps in the office, I’m especially interested in explaining remote sensing results locally on the ground, which includes vegetation surveys, but also “socializing pixels” by intensive work with humans living and acting within the pixel.



  • Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management (IGN), Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE) – Sénégal
  • Laboratoire Géosciences Environnement (GET), Toulouse, France
  • World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF), Nairobi, Kenya
  • INRA-EMMAH – France
  • Institute Economie Rural (IER) – Mali
  • Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar – Sénégal
  • USGS – USA
  • CREAF Global Ecology Unit – Spain
  • ANACIM – Sénégal
  • ISOE – Germany
  • University of Vienna – Austria
  • University of Bayreuth – Germany
  • Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) / Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, Lund University – Sweden

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Martin
    great to get to know this website. I do research on the Senegal River, as water resources management researcher. It would be great to get to know each other…

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